“As a river will meander through crooked places to flow to its destination so must we persevere and fight every hindrance till we possess the land,”

This profound statement was made by Elder John Saaka during a word ministration at the Church of Pentecost – Achimota District, Achimota Area Week 2 celebration on Monday evening July 15, 2019 at Achimota Central Auditorium.

Speaking to the theme “For I have given you the land to Possess,” Elder John Saaka intimated that “God has already given us the promised land but our task now is to cross over our Jordan to possess them.”

“Never think that once God has promised to give you something there will be no opposition. For every promise there is an obstacle to conquer,” he reiterated.

“Many people have had their ambitions shattered because of opposition. Hindrances are inevitable but don’t let them stop you,” he encouraged.

Referring to Numbers 33:48-53 & Matthew 16:16-18, Elder John Saaka indicated that “believers must renounced every secret sins and cling to Jesus Christ in order to possess the land.”

He exhorted that “whenever we are faced with hindrances we are to remember that the Lord who parted the red sea for the Israelites is equally able to help us cross our Jordans to possess our lands.”

Touching on hindrances, he cautioned believers to refrain from any attitude of unbelief and faithlessness because they hinder one from receiving something from God.

“The best of the land belongs to us as believers and we must not give up until we dispossess to possess our land,” he concluded.

Present at the gathering were the Achimota Area Head, Apostle David Tettey Tekper, the Achimota District Minister, Pastor Jonathan Kofie and other District Executive members.

Source: Blessed Amonoo