Elder Dr. Nana Peter Tobbin delivering a sermon at the Opening Session of the Achimota District Week 2 celebration dubbed “KOHINTA 2” on Monday evening June 17, 2019, at Achimota Central Auditorium admonished believers to put their faith in God and believe that they are well able to overcome every obstacle that comes their way.

KOHINTA “which literally means to hide or wait upon” is a period set aside by members of the Church of Pentecost to wait on God in prayers and fasting to renew their strength and pour their petitions before God.

Speaking to the theme “We can certainly do it” and taking his scripture reading from Numbers 13:30, Elder Peter Tobbin explained how God commanded Moses to choose from the Israelites a leader from each of the ancestral tribes as spies to explore the land of Canaan.

“He instructed them to explore the nature of the land, the kind of people living on the land whether they are strong or weak. Also, they are to examine if the cities are fortified, the soil is fertile and it’s ability to produce good fruits,” he added.

“Ten out of the twelve spies Moses sent reported that the land indeed is bountiful but the people living there are powerful, and their towns are large and fortified and we cannot fight them. Yes we even saw giants there, the descendants of Anak!” he stated.

“But Caleb encouraged the people and he said yes it’s true that they are powerful but if God be for us “We can certainly conquer it!” he added.

“Whenever you are trapped in any circumstance beyond your control, don’t give up, trust in God and He will deliver you,” he exhorted.

Highlighting on the kinds of faith portrayed by Caleb, Elder Peter Tobbin stated that “every believer must have the faith to forget the past successes and failures so as to tap into the greater things God has for him or her.”

“We have been bragging about and living on our past glories, successes and have been trapped by them. It’s time to leave them behind and press on,” he urged.

“A believer must have the faith to face the present as well. The faith that gives us the firm assurance that the God who was there for us yesterday will surely be there for us today too,” he added.

He admonished believers to put away fear and embrace every situation by putting their faith in the God who is able to turn things around for the good of His people.

“We are surrounded by so many cloud of witnesses who are watching us as we run our race. Let us not compromise but live to glorify our Lord Jesus Christ. In your holiness, generosity etc. have faith in God because without it no one can please God,” he concluded.

Elder John Saaka led the congregation to pray for the courage and strength to do the will of God.

Present at the gathering were Elder Asare Twerefour, Elder Evans Sallah and other District Executive Committee members and Elders in the District.

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