The Radio Host for Beginning with Jesus at Hitz Fm, Mr. Kwasi Agyenim Boateng has intimated that the Almighty God is the architect of the believers’ future and He gives them their rains in season to be fruitful.

Speaking to the theme “For I have given you the Land to Possess” at the Church of Pentecost Achimota District, Achimota Area Week 2 celebration on Tuesday, July 16, 2019, Mr. Agyenim Boateng challenged believers to forget about the temporal comfort of Egypt and press on to possess the land God has given them.”

“The promised land is the pride of the nation Israel and the sure prove of God’s Covenant with Abraham. Joseph being expectant of the Promised Land told his people to carry his bones to the Promised Land when he dies because he was so sure that God will definitely honor His promise to his forefathers,” he added.

Referring to Numbers 33:53 and Deuteronomy 11:19-21, he expounded that “God is expecting believers to heed to His words and teach them to their children so that the glory of God will abide with them forever.”

“As believers our whole lives depend on the infallible word of God, it’s our treasure and must be written on the tablets of our hearts so as to carefully obey them” he reiterated.

Mr. Agyenim Boateng urged believers to uphold their integrity, walk in the fear of God and shun from every form of evil so as not to miss the Promised Land as it happened to the older generation of the Israelites in the days of Moses.

He cautioned believers not to envy people who are enjoying their seasons because God has designated time for everyone’s breakthrough and surely everyone will have his or her share according to the timing of God.

Touching on the beauty of the Promised Land, he stated that “There is a great distinction between the Egyptian land and the Promised Land. On the Promised Land rains come in their seasons because God is the architect of the Land.”

“In Egypt we use strength to get what we want but on the Promised Land the grace of God reigns to give us the desires of our hearts,” he reiterated.

“Our God is the God of times and seasons. He controls the seasons of our lives and in the due time he will surely meet us at the point of our needs,” he exhorted.

“Though our lands may be hills and valleys yet because God watches over us, the little we have will be blessed and increase greatly” he encouraged.

Mr. Agyenim Boateng concluded by encouraging believers to wholly trust in the doable God because He is full of compassion and will never put them to shame.

Present at the gathering were the Achimota Area Head, Apostle David Tettey Tekper, the Achimota District Minister, Pastor Jonathan Kofie and other District Executive members.

Source: Blessed Amonoo

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