“The utterances of the righteous person carry power. It’s our utterances we use to dispossess and possess our promised Land.”

These were the words of Elder Charles Toku Appiah during a word ministration at the Achimota Area Week celebration dubbed “For I have given you the Land to Possess,” on Wednesday July 17, 2019 at the Achimota Central Assembly Auditorium.

Speaking to the theme “The Utterances of the Righteous,” Elder Charles Toku Appiah stated that “when God says he has given something to you as your possession nothing can change it because God cannot lie. It’s only God who declares and it cannot be overturned.”

Highlighting on the position of the believer in Christ Jesus, He indicated that “anyone who accepts Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal Savior becomes righteous by default. Our Righteousness is not obtained by the virtue of our holiness but by the mercies and the atonement work of our Lord Jesus.”

Taking his scripture reading from Deuteronomy 11:9 & Numbers 33:53, Elder Toku Appiah expounded that “The faithfulness of God should not be doubted. And it’s so amazing to know that, God delights in sharing his power and authority with the righteous to make his name great.”

Touching on the power of the righteous person utterances, Elder Toku Appiah stated that “Elijah didn’t consult God when he declared famine over the land of Israel yet God honored it because he was a righteous person.”

“It’s time we as believers speak positively into our lives and refrain from making hasty and ungodly confessions that have the power to ruin our lives,” he added.

Referring to Genesis 9:21-25, Elder Charles Toku Appiah stated that “Ham was not affected by the curses of Noah because he was already blessed by God. This proves that a man blessed by God cannot be cursed. But because Noah was a righteous man the curses of Ham came upon his son Canaan.

“Becareful of what you say when you are angry or find yourself in a tough situation because as a righteous person whatever you pronounce will surely come to pass,” he advised.

Touching on complacency and its effect on believers progress, he advised “believers to remain focus till they possess their possessions and not be like Terah who chose to stay and died in Haran instead of going to Canaan.”

“It’s my heartfelt prayer that God will give us the finishing grace and not to be complacent along the way so as not to forfeit our promised Land,” he concluded.

©® Report by: Blessed Amonoo