The Resident Minister of Alogboshie Worship Center of the Church of Pentecost, Pastor Nelson Adu has encouraged believers that our Redeemer has a will for us and it can never be altered.

Speaking on the topic “Knowing Your Redeemers will”, at the Good Friday morning service at the 2019 Easter Convention of the Achimota Zone on April 19, 2019, Pastor Nelson Adu said it’s very painful to be a beneficiary of a will without knowing it.

Highlighting on the meaning of a will, he said “A will is a legal document by which a person expresses his or her wishes as to how his or her property should be distributed at death.”

Referring to Hebrews 9:16-17, he pointed out that a will is only valid when the testator dies. Hence the death of our Lord Jesus Christ validated the will he has for us.

“The will we are claiming is divine and not just a physical document made by man,” he added.

Touching on the certainty of God’s will for us, He said “men do change the contents of their will prior to their death but our Redeemer’s will for us can never be altered because He is faithful.”

“Our Redeemer died a shameful death just to save us from our sins. He was accused, arrested and killed for claiming to be God, for wishing evil for their land and professing to destroy the temple which was built in 42 good years and rebuild it in three days,” he explained.

“We are the true beneficiaries of God’s will in Christ Jesus and if anyone wants to deny us of our privileges we have the authority to put a caveat on them,” he exhorted.

“In the will of our Redeemer we have been given a name that is above every other name and that name is Jesus Christ. It has the power to override sickness, barrenness, hardships, death etc and give us victory in all our endeavors,” he continued.

Pastor Nelson Adu expressed his excitement by saying “O it’s a joy to also have our testator alive to defend our cause when anyone attempts to rob us of our privileges in His will.

He encouraged believers that “no matter the pain you are going through today, God’s will for your life will definitely come to pass.”

“Strive to know God’s will for your life in the scriptures daily and be rest assured that your Redeemer will also avenge on your behalf when the time is due,” he concluded.

©® Report by: Blessed Amonoo