The Achimota Area Head of the Church of Pentecost, Apostle David Tettey Tekper has intimated that Jesus Christ the Son of the Living God is a strong Redeemer.

He said this at the opening session of the 2019 Easter Convention of the Achimota Zone on Thursday evening April 18, 2019.

The Achimota Zone is made up of Achimota District, Pentecost International Worship Center-Tesano, Abofu and Alogboshie worship centers.

Apostle David Tettey Tekper speaking to the theme “Our Redeemer is strong, the Lord of Host is His name,” said Jesus Christ is the only accredited Savior given by God to men to be saved through Him.

“Salvation is found in Christ alone. No human articles can wash our sins away or save us except the blood of Jesus Christ.”

Taking his scripture reading from Jeremiah 50:34, he indicated that Jeremiah proclaimed these words to Judah and Israel when they were taken captives by the Babylonians for sinning against God.

“But God being the Captain of Israel’s Host and their Redeemer promised to rescue them from their captors,” he added.

Touching on who a Redeemer is? He indicated that “a Redeemer is someone who rescues and gives freedom to captives and avenges on their behalf.”

“A Redeemer pays a ransom or a price to deliver captives and restore whatever the enemy took away from them,” he iterated.

Apostle David Tekper encouraged believers that “Christ our Redeemer doesn’t abandon us when he set us free but protects, feeds and teaches us.”

The Apostle urged everyone to genuinely repent and have faith in Christ Jesus so as to enjoy this glorious redemption in Him.

“The name Jesus Christ is a refuge to the vulnerable. He gives rest to the weary and ultimate peace to those who put their trust in Him,” he concluded.

©® Report by: Blessed Amonoo