“When we were helpless and could not save ourselves Christ Jesus was sent to redeem us and bring restoration unto us.”

This profound statement was made by P/Ovr. Solomon Anderson a ministerial student of Pentecost Theological Seminary at the 2019 Easter Convention of Achimota Area (Achimota Zone) on Saturday evening April 20,2019.

“Redemption is one big mark of God manifested through His Son Jesus Christ,” he continued.

Taking his scripture reading from Ezekiel 16:5-8, he noted that “despite our weakness Christ Jesus still came to purchase us with His blood to use us for His glory.”

P/Ovr. Solomon Anderson indicated that “When one encounters the power of God he or she receives the divine strength to live a holy life unto God.”

“The key to a victorious living depends on who owns you. We can only live out the principles of the Kingdom of God when we are fully own by Lord Jesus Christ,” he added.

“Restoration could be in two folds, the replacement of lost things and reviving of dead things in our lives,” he continued.

“Nothing takes God by surprise in our lives. We have been insured by Christ Jesus and He will always fight for our welfare,” he exhorted.

He admonished that “We have two lives when we come to Jesus. O when we lose this physical life our eyes are open to a glorious one in Christ Jesus and that is the eternal life.”

“May the God of Restoration visit you and revive any dead thing in your life now and forevermore, Amen,” he concluded.

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