“None of the men that were sent by Moses to explore the promised land were commoners. They all had the same qualifications yet their internal abilities differed”

The District Minister of Achimota District, Pastor Jonathan Kofie made this profound statement during a word ministration at the Achimota District Week 2 celebration dubbed”KOHINTA” on Tuesday evening, June 18, 2019 at the Achimota Central Auditorium.

Speaking to the theme ‘WE CAN CERTAINLY DO IT”, he noted that this statement was made by Caleb when the entire nation of Israel were despaired and hopeless upon receiving a report from some spies sent by Moses to explore the promised Land.

Taking his scripture reading from Numbers 13:18-20, 30 & 36, Pastor Jonathan Kofie indicated that “those men sent by Moses were given the same opportunities and the same promise yet ten of them saw the threats of the people living in the land instead of relying on the faithfulness of God.

“But Caleb and Joshua believed that the Lord who parted the Red Sea is equally able to give His people victory over every foe. They had an exceptional internal ability,” he added.

Touching on the power of faith, Pastor Jonathan Kofie noted that “what is on the inside of a person determines his or her attitude towards life crises. Though we are all Christians but what will make you stand out is your unwavering faith in Christ Jesus”

“God cannot be seen with our naked eyes but with our faith.” How do you see God? He quizzed. Ezekiel saw God as one who is able to give flesh and breath to dry bones and it was so for him.

“If you see God as a healer, provider, deliverer etc. so will He be unto you. May God meet your needs according to your faith,” he exhorted.

Pastor Jonathan Kofie encouraged believers present to yearn for strong internal ability by feeding on God’s word daily so as to live a victorious life.

He led the congregation to pray to God to increase their faith and for the strength to prevail over every adversary.

Present at the gathering were the District Executive Committee members and other Elders within the District.

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