“If we fail to use our spiritual eyes to see what God sees the world will take advantage of us.”

This profound statement was made by Elder Evans Sallah, the Presiding Elder of Achimota English Assembly during a word ministration at the Achimota District Week 2 celebration (KOHINTA 2) dubbed “For We Can Certainly Do It,” on Friday evening June 21, 2019 at the Achimota Central Auditorium.

Speaking to the theme “Do you see what God sees?” Elder Evans Sallah explained that “every believer has both the natural and the spiritual eyes. Although the worldly people also have the natural eyes but we can see what God sees because we possess the spiritual eyes.”

Referring to Numbers 13:30 & 14:6-9, He noted that “all the spies sent by Moses were drawn from the twelve (12) tribes of Israel. They were given the same instructions at the same time and all of them accepted the fact that the land was good and it was flowing with milk and honey yet their conclusions differed.”

Elder Evans Sallah stated that “the other ten spies saw themselves as grasshoppers in the eyes of the inhabitants of the land because they failed to see themselves as God sees them.”

“Though we are all Christians yet how we see things differ. Even among believers there are some who are unable to see what God sees so beware. Do not mix God’s word with that of the flesh,” he cautioned.

“The truth is those who are led by Spirit of God are the sons of God,” he stated.

“Jesus Christ was fast asleep in the midst of the storms whilst his disciples were struggling because He knew come what may they will surely get to the shores of the Sea,” he said.

“Whenever you are face with any difficult situation remember what God has told you. It’s only the word of God that can take you through victoriously,” he added.

Highlighting on the effectiveness of one’s spiritual eyes, Elder Evans Sallah said “if we fail to use our spiritual eyes consistently they will eventually become dormant and we will be unable to see things as God sees them.”

“As Elisha prayed for the eyes of Gehazi to be opened to see the chariots of God surrounding them in the midst of the enemies so may God open our eyes to see how secured we are in Him.”

“Never yearn to go back to Egypt because of the present storms. The devil has no power he just roars to scare us. All the great promises concerning your life will surely come to pass if you keep on seeing what God sees,” he stated.

He concluded by saying “God knows the plans he has for us, they are good and not evil but to give us an expected end.”

Present at the gathering were the District Pastor and wife, Pastor Jonathan and Mrs. Regina Kofie, the District Executive Committee members and other Elders within the District.

Source:®® Blessed Amonoo