“The message of the Cross is foolishness to those who are lost but unto us it’s the ultimate power of God.”

This profound statement was made by The Achimota District Minister of the Church of Pentecost, Pastor Jonathan Kofie at the 2019 Easter Convention at the Achimota Area (Achimota Zone) on Saturday morning April 20, 2019.

Speaking on the theme “The message of the Cross,” Pastor Jonathan Kofie said “Christ’s death has saved us from the power and the curse of sin and we shall be saved from this corruptible body when he appears again.”

Referring to first Corinthians 1:18-25, he added that “the foolishness of God is far better than the wisdom of the world. The devil’s strategy was to destroy the legacy of Jesus Christ by hanging him on the cross but God made it glorious at the end.”

“God uses the foolishness of this world to shame the wise. Whilst the Jews were looking for a political Messiah and the gentiles looking for a Hero, God used the Cross to bring freedom to men.”

Pastor Jonathan Kofie indicated that “The death of Christ Jesus has reconciled all men to God and dealt away with the disparity between the Jews and Gentiles.”

“Our crosses may differ but the same Lord is available to strengthen us all. Your cross could be your marital challenges, waywardness of your children, ill health etc yet God is with you, he admonished.”

“A day happiness from God can wipe away many years of sorrows. God’s priority for us is to have us with him at the end of our sufferings,” he exhorted.

“There is no power that can be compared to the Resurrection power. It gives life to the dead and brings deliverance to those held in captivity”

“Let us shun sin so as not to receive the curse of the cross,” he concluded.

©® Report by: Blessed Amonoo