The Resident Minister of Pentecost International Worship Center-Tesano who also doubles as the Personal Assistant to the Chairman of the Church of Pentecost, Pastor Benedict Eghan has asserted that there is life after death and whoever accepts Jesus Christ will live again.

“We have a trusted Redeemer, a friend called Jesus Christ who is life and freely gives eternal life to those who come to Him,” he added.

Speaking to the theme “The Friend called Jesus Christ” at the 2019 Easter Convention of the Achimota Area (Achimota Zone) on Friday evening April 19, 2019, he indicated that “this friend called Jesus Christ was tempted in every way yet he didn’t sin and this affirmed his position to save us.”

Taking his scripture reading from Jeremiah 50:33-34, John 1:4& 1John 5:12, Pastor Benedict Eghan said that Jesus Christ is life and whoever has the Son of God has life.

Do you have Jesus Christ? He quizzed. “You may be an unsher, a singer, etc in the church but if you don’t have Jesus Christ you can’t make it to heaven,” he continued.

“There is a vacuum in your heart that only Christ Jesus can fill it. Yes, chasing wealth, women, men, power, fame etc cannot fill it except the friend called Jesus Christ,” he iterated.

“You will surely die one day and It’s so terrible to die in the arms of Satan so run and come to Jesus Christ,” he urged.

“The best thing that can ever happen to you on earth is to receive Jesus Christ and at your death is to die in the arms of Jesus Christ.”

Touching on the significance of having Jesus Christ in one’s life, he said this trusted friend gives us an heavenly hope and constantly watches over our lives.

Highlighting on the story of Lazarus and the Rich man in Luke 16:18-31, he explained that “the Rich man signifies those who are full of themselves and have no need of Jesus Christ in their lives whilst the poor man stands for those who empty themselves to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their Savior.”

Pastor Benedict Eghan said “The resurrection of Jesus Christ gives us hope and if not for His resurrection we would have been the most miserable people on earth.

“Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers them all. Never exchange this priceless gift of God for anything worthless,” he concluded.

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