“Use your youthful period to build capacity and not to pursue pleasure. Those who take time to prepare themselves are those that take advantage of opportunities when they come.”

These were the words of Pastor Jonathan Kofie, the District Minister of the Church of Pentecost Achimota District during a sermon delivery at the Achimota District Youth Joint Service on Saturday evening June 29, 2019 at the Achimota Central Auditorium.

Speaking to the theme “Understanding The Times” Pastor Jonathan Kofie indicated that the only way to succeed as a youth is to understand the times in which you are.

Taking his scripture reading from 1Chronicles 12:32, he noted that “The tribe of Issachar presented only two hundred (200) men to war whilst the other eleven tribes of Israel had presented thousands of armies. Yet the 200 men from the tribe of Issachar became the commanders of the thousands of armies of the other tribes because they understood the times.”

“Whilst the other tribes presented thousands of armies, the tribe of Issachar gave them 200 leaders. Because at that time Israel needed leadership and not multitude of troops,” he added.

“We are in an era where true leadership is needed and it’s time to avail ourselves to be trained and used by God,” he added.

Highlighting on the fortitude of the tribe of Issachar, Pastor Jonathan Kofie explained that “the tribe of Issachar was blessed by Jacob to be restless as donkeys who will always carry the burdens of their brethren yet they became the tribe that understood the times and led their relatives to war.”

“You may be belittled or even be sidelined in the environment where you find yourself now because you are a youth but don’t give up, give yourself up to training and in no time you will find yourself leading them,” he encouraged.

Referring to Hebrews 1:9, Pastor Jonathan Kofie stated that “God will only lift us up above our companions if we will love righteousness and hate wickedness.”

“You can be smart with yourself but not with God. There is no shortcut to glory, you must be trained for the crown. Just allow yourself to be trained and you shall get there,” he urged.

“To understand the times means you must give yourself up to force labour at the expense of pleasure so as to position yourself to be used by God,” he iterated.

“Moses gave himself up for 80 years training for a 40-year assignment. It’s true, no training looks pleasant but it always pays well at the end.”

“There is no way Joseph could be hidden in the prison whilst his light was shining. When you allow God to mold you to his taste no matter where you find yourself your light will still shine.”

He concluded by encouraging the youth to give themselves up to be trained and to endure hardships so as to fulfill their purposes when their time come.

Present at the gathering were the District Youth leader, Elder Prince Asare, Elder Frank Agyekum and other District Youth Executives.

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    30 Jun 2019 15:07:02 Reply

    Thank you Pastor Jonathan , Infact this topic is realy changing my life gradually. God bless you to achieve your purpose as you let the youth.🙏🏻🙏🏻

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